Recruiting & Membership

Join the 4th Sub-Legion of the United States (Wayne’s Legion)

The Fourth Sub-Legion of the United States is looking for “Brave, Healthy, Able Bodied, and Well Disposed” recruits
to fill its ranks. The Fourth Sub-Legion accurately recreates life in the Army of the United States from 1792-1796 and
is based at Woodville Plantation ( Built by General John Neville and home to his son Colonel Presley Neville, Woodville is located in Bridgeville, PA, just south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This particular platoon re-creates the original Fourth Sub-Legion, based at Fort Fayette in Pittsburgh. In July of 1794, they sent to assist in the defense of John Neville’s home, Bower Hill, located nearby. The original platoon consisted of eleven soldiers under the command of a Sergeant and possibly an Ensign. These soldiers were commanded by Abraham Kirkpatrick, a Major in the Continental Army and local militia and a friend of General Neville, who was left in charge the property at Bower Hill. The objective of the modern-day unit is to recreate the original unit exactly – including clothing, accoutrements, camp life and numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions of Potential Members

Where is the Fourth Sub-Legion Headquartered?

The Fourth Sub-Legion is based at Woodville Plantation (The Neville House), located at 1375 Washington Pike,
Bridgeville, PA 15017. The Legion is funded for and operates for the fundamental purpose of promoting Woodville, The Neville House Associates and educating the public about the Whiskey Rebellion. For more information on Woodville, please visit .

How do I join the Fourth Sub-Legion?

Each year the unit accepts up to two new recruits. Applicants must be over the age of eighteen to become an
infantryman or twelve to become a musician. Becoming a member starts by speaking with the unit members at
an event or at the Woodville site and expressing an interest in joining the group. This gives the potential recruit
an opportunity to speak with the soldiers, ask questions and get a feeling for what we do over the course of the
event. Applicants will be asked to fill out a MEMBERSHIP FORM and become a member of the NEVILLE HOUSE
ASSOCIATES. Once they are accepted by a majority vote of the current members of the unit, the new member is
accepted as a recruit. At this point, the unit will assist in providing a uniform for the recruit. During this time, the recruit can participate in some unit activities in period clothing as well as practice drills. No recruit may march with the unit in a battle or parade, but may attend these events with the unit as a support person (camp duties, guard duties, cooking, narrator, demonstrator, etc.) until they are FULLY uniformed and accoutered and have met the requirements for becoming a Private. Privates have full voting rights in the unit.

What are the requirements for becoming a Private in the Fourth Sub-Legion?

To become a Private in the Legion, an individual must complete each of the following:

  1. Have a complete uniform, including all accoutrements and firearms.
  2. Be able to perform the VON STEUBEN DRILL of 1794.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to safely load, fire and clean their musket with proficiency.
  4. Attend four events.
  5. Become a member of the Neville House Associates (necessary for insurance coverage at events).
  6. Demonstrate a commitment to authentically and accurately recreating history.
  7. Must be over the age of eighteen (twelve for musicians).

Where do I get a uniform and equipment?

Uniforming a re-created soldier is a very expensive proposition, with a complete uniform, musket and bayonet costing
over $1500. While members of the Legion are encouraged to put together their own uniforms and equipment, the
Neville House Associates will provide all equipment necessary to muster with the Legion. The uniforms, weapons
and equipment will remain the property of the Neville House Associates and must be returned upon request. Any
equipment that is not provided by the Neville House Associates must be approved prior to purchase by the members
of the unit. Privates are highly encouraged to purchase their own firearms. Previously owned equipment may be used,
but must be approved on a case-by-case basis. The following is a list of approved vendors:

Hats Tim Bender Hats/TP&H Trading
Coats/Overalls Custom Made Locally
Shirts Smoke and Fire
Shoes Burnley and Trowbridge
Leather Stock C&D Jamigan
Buttons Jas Townsend
Waistcoat C&D Jamigan
Leather Goods G Gendy Godwin

Smiling Fox

Muskets Military Heritage

Loyalist Arms

Uniforms were fitted to each man by regimental seamstresses and tailors and were custom made for each man. It is
very difficult to buy a correctly fitted uniform off the rack. As a result, coats, waistcoats, and trousers are custom made by approved tailors. The uniforms should be acquired in the order listed above. This will permit a Recruit to more
quickly join the ranks. The minimum essential uniform pieces required to form up with the unit as a recruit are overalls, shirt, stock, shoes and hat. A smock will be provided to the Recruit as well.

What are the participation requirements?

The Neville House Associates would like all members to attend all of the events. Naturally, we realize that this is an all volunteer organization and that this is not always possible. Therefore, the participation requirements to maintain full
status as a Private are to attend 75% of all events, drills, and practices each year. Members are strongly encouraged
to have 100% attendance at the two major events at Woodville each year, Whiskey Rebellion Days and Holidays at
the House. In addition to public events, the Legion has a two-hour practice session on the last Monday of each month
from March to October.