About Wayne’s Legion

Today the soldiers of the Fourth Sub-Legion of the United States, also known as Wayne’s Legion, are a group of dedicated individuals committed to accurately recreating the campaign and camp life of the Army of the United States from 1792-1796. Specifically, they recreate the twelve American soldiers who were sent to defend Bower Hill, the home of General John Neville, during the Whiskey Rebellion in July of 1794. This unit is based at the Woodville Plantation, the 1774 home of Colonel Presley Neville, and is funded and administered by the Neville House Associates Inc. (NHA).

The mission of this not-for-profit recreated unit is:

  • To provide educational programming at Woodville Plantation.
  • To conduct educational outreach programs promoting the NHA, the Whiskey Rebellion and Wayne’s Legion.
  • To conduct on-going historical research about the U.S Army during last decade of the 18th century.

The Fourth-Sub Legion at Woodville was created in 2007 as an educational tool used to visually tell the story of the Whiskey Rebellion and the events surrounding the attack on Bower Hill by local farmers in July of 1794. The unit at that time consisted of one soldier. Today the unit consists of over a half-dozen soldiers; in addition to musicians, camp followers and scouts, who recreate all aspects of military life during this period.

Learn more about Woodville Plantation, the living history museum and historic house built in 1775, where Wayne’s Legion is based.